Fresh Start


   Day Care


       My name is Linda Curtin and I am the owner and day care provider of Fresh Start Family Day Care.  I opened Fresh Start Family Day Care in 1997 after moving to East Sandwich from Boston where I ran a day care in my home after the birth of my first child.  Prior to having my first child, I attended Mass Bay Community College and worked as a Student teacher in a Preschool Program in Wellesley MA. After I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education, I started teaching as a Head Preschool Teacher in a Pre school / Day care Center in Norwood MA.  While teaching preschool, I attended evening classes and completed the requirements to hold a Certificate in Day Care Supervision and Administration. I then became the director and supervisor of Kids Klub Day Care and Pre school.


     During my Middle School and High School years I held many babysitting positions.  I always knew that I wanted to teach children.  My goal in life was to teach preschool until I had a home and family of my own and then open a family day care in my home. Here I am.... over twenty years later and I am still doing what I love.  Teaching young children!


    I am a mother of two teenage children.  One of my children has learning disabilities, so I have some personal experience with teaching children with special needs.


What I would like you to know

     When placing your child in my care I want you to feel confident that I will treat your child with the love and respect that you have for your own child.  Socialization is a huge piece of a child's development.  While in my care the children become social.  They will learn to take turns, walk in a line, be respectful to others and learn to get along with other children.  They will also enjoy such activities as circle time, storytime, songs, fingerplays,  arts & crafts, freeplay and group play.  Your child will also be exposed to letters, numbers, shapes and colors all while being in a safe, loving home environment.