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degree in Early Childhood Education

LICENSE # 9011301 
by the Dept. of Early Education and CAre

Certified Day Care Supervisor & Administrator


Linda CurtinDay Care Provider


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My Main goal is to provide a safe, loving, happy, social, learning environment so that your child will have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop.


           Linda Curtin

 Licensed Day Care Provider

1997 - Present  in Sandwich MA
                  1996 - 1997 in Boston MA

 Pre School Head Teacher

1993 - 1996

Student Teacher for a Preschool

1991 - 1993

Mother of two children

         Play gives children 

   a chance to practice what they are learning!

     -Fred Rogers

Importance of Social Development:

According to the National Child Development Organization, the more opportunities to interact with other children equals more chances to learn how to socialize.  A day care program can help kids under school age improve their skills in areas such as sharing, making friends, taking turns, and communicating with others.  The day to day interaction with peers can help a child to feel more comfortable in group dynamics and better understand socially acceptable do's and don't's such as not talking when someone else is speaking to you or asking to play with a toy instead of just taking it.

Cognitive Development:

While in day care children participate in activities, follow directions, learn responsibility, and even gain some academic concepts, all of which prepare them for school life.

Importance of Play:

Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well - being of children.